Conroy Fabion is a London based photographer who specialises in Wedding & Event Photography. His expert artistry is as much a gift he inherited from his father, who was also a photographer, as it is a craft honed by years of diligent practice and training. Of his affection for photography, Conroy recalls, "I've always had an interest in drawing, imaging and design. As a child I spent hours in the studio & darkroom of my father’s photo studio.” Though he is primarily self taught, his raw talent combined with the grooming of his college and industry experiences, make his work a rare but beautiful find. As a lover of light he will use whatever light source is available to him, be it natural or artificial to make his photos come alive. Conroy Fabion is constantly striving for perfection, using his unique style of photography and post production “to capture moments so that [his] images tell your story as beautifully as you’ve experienced them.” His images have also been published on-line as well as in printed media.

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